How does a fresh start in your fertility journey sound?

What would your life look like if you could just stop and focus on YOU for a few months? 

There is a different way to approach fertility…naturally.

The Faithful fertility method sets you up for success by addressing your mind, soul, and terrain (body).

You can feel better than you have in years, and prepare your body for conception — in just 12 weeks. 

What will your life look like in 12 weeks?


Do any of these ring true?


Do you believe, deep down, that your body can conceive naturally?


Do you (or does your partner) have low semen count, morphology, or motility, without a known cause?


Are you feeling discouraged from failed IUI, IVF, or natural attempts at conceiving a healthy baby? 

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Are you tired of the emotional rollercoaster during the two-week wait?

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Do you have PCOS or endometriosis and want expert help in balancing your hormones naturally?

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Are you tired and confused by supplement recommendations from bloggers, social media, and well-meaning friends?

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Have you experienced the painful loss of miscarriage and fear another pregnancy?

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Are you over the age of 35 and feel that time is slipping you by, and want to optimize your fertility now? 

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Do you yearn for contentment and peace during this process of trying to conceive?

Then, you are in the right place.

My name is Dr. April Graham. I am a healer/physician wife, Mom, lover of nature, sun, and two wheels (motorcycles and bikes). I have had personal fertility struggles, and have made it my life’s calling to help others conceive naturally. I work with couples all over the world to help prepare the mind, body, and soul for conception.


Treat the Cause

There are so many different causes of infertility, many of which, conventional doctors consider “unexplained”. Our bodies are designed to have babies, and when something is stopping us, this is a sign that something deeper needs to be healed.


Work with an Expert

No more relying solely on media for advice. While educating yourself is important, the conflicting information can exhausting and confusing. Give this over to an expert that lives and breathes natural fertility, so that you can focus on YOU. 


Holistic Care

While treating the body is so important, practitioners often forget about the importance of the mind and soul. It is well known that stress can lead to hormonal imbalances involved in infertility. This is what sets the Faithful Fertility Method apart.

What will your life be like in 12 Weeks?

You could be healthier than you have been in years; vibrant and joyful; yet, calm and balanced.
More ready than ever to bring a baby into this world.